A Church Organist Awakens Early Christian History

In All, Video by Tola Brennan

Baxton Alexander played organ for Pastor Amy Kienzle at her first service in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Over the last few years, they’ve transformed a fading Lutheran church into a unique art space and experiment in contemporary religion. Last year, they re-imagined the congregation and called it the Park Church Co-op. Their banner says that in order to love thy neighbor “we practice radical openness, which means there is a place for you here.”

But trying to stay relevant means change comes in unexpected ways. Though he started off uninterested in the Christian faith, Baxton has come to define the world’s largest religion in a way that both tests the limits while evoking the truth of scripture. A scholar as well, he grapples with oft-forgotten theological battles from during the founding centuries of Christianity. Today, perhaps not much has changed when it comes to reading the Bible.